(LO22) Self Employed Financial Advisor


Our client has created the ultimate National Advisory Model which offers significant help and support to individual Advisers throughout the UK. Uniquely our client will provide advisers with administration and para-planning support via an Adviser Hub so they more time to see clients coupled to their business development team who are responsible for generating new clients for the Advisers. They operate a high-end technology solution, including client portals and an in-built cash-flow modeller and also provide a CIP via their own DFM. Please see below additional information on the overall proposition being offered;

Calculated in respect of each calendar year (pro-rated where the Adviser works for part of a calendar year):
  • 70% of all the gross fees generated up to £199,999
  • 80% of all the gross fees generated between £200,000 and £399,999
  • 85% of all the gross fees generated over £400,000
Any income received from a client introduction provided by the Company = 50% of the gross fee.
Monthly Fee of £200 - waived once the Adviser’s annual turnover exceeds £100,000.

Regulatory Permissions & Fees (paid by the Company)
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (£5K excess)
  • Regulatory Authorisation
  • FCA Annual Related Fees
  • FOS Annual Fees
  • FSCS Levies 
Relationship Management & Business Development
  • Relationship Management
  • Business Consultancy
  • CPD sessions
  • Enhanced Product Platform Terms
  • Group Terms Discounts
  • GI referral facility
  • Annual Conference
  • Client Referrals *
  • Marketing Support *
  • Social Media Guidance & Delivery *
  • Client News Letters *
Compliance Support
  • Technical Compliance Helpline
  • File Checks
  • Pre-Sale Checks (within 48 hours)
  • T&C Supervision Visits
  • Training & Development
  • Technical Case Support
  • Complaints Management
  • Regulatory Updates
  • Advertising & Promotions Sign-Off (including websites)
  • Licencing Accreditation
Contractual Benefits
  • Share Options
  • Option to sell your business back to our client
  • Full Back Office Software
  • Client Records System & CRM
  • Integrated ATR tool
  • Pension Analysis Tools
  • Secure Client Portal
  • Electronic Valuations
  • Lifetime Cash Flow Analysis Software
  • Suitability Report Generator 
  • Document Library
Adviser Support Hub
  • Localised Compliance Guidance
  • Paraplanning and Adviser Support
  • Pension Analysis Report Production
  • Management of Client Reviews
  • Fee Reconciliation & Statements
  • Comprehensive Management Information